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 We here at Soul Search are passionate about a lot of things. We love listening, learning, exploring, and teaching. We relish time spent in beautiful places and in the company of friends. Beneath all we do is a deep desire to be of service to others. We want to help you to improve your lives in meaningful ways. We want you to feel successful and fulfilled. We want you to experience happiness. We especially love it when you laugh.

Our retreats are more than a vacation, more than a workshop, more than a getaway. We design them with you in mind. We work with practitioners and facilitators to create an environment that aligns with the spirit of the experience. Our offerings vary in duration - anywhere from a week to a few hours.

Retreating isn't about how long you're away, it's what you do with the time. Even a moment can be a retreat if that moment is intentional and satisfying. Please join us for an experience that we promise will leave you feeling more powerful and purposeful than ever before. Take a little time and retreat!

Soul Search Retreats LLC
Upcoming Schedule of Events

Soul Search "Bring-A-Friend" Weekend

Pre-Holiday R & R at the Beach

November 1-2, 2014

Cocoa Beach, Florida

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