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Hi Soul Searcher,


You are here to discover the world while discovering yourself.


We are a tribe of soul travelers who tap into their core power to transform their world through premium body & mind experiences. Are you ready to explore, experience & grow?


Yes, you are ready to make a status jump.  You want to let go of what stops you. You said enough is enough. Now is your time to shine & enjoy life. Our retreats will help you escape your current reality & let go of stress.


Are you ready to design your dream path & create a new reality that you will not need to escape from?


Our Values




Connect with your soul, with your inner power, with your inner leader, with the universe, with like minded people, with Mother Earth. You are here to connect with your body, mind & soul.


This is an experience of connection.



Visit new countries and meet different cultures. This is the moment to experience the world first hand. Get to know yourself.  Awaken your inner power. Opt in for premium moments that you will carry in your heart for a lifetime. This is the first time you try out a new lifestyle.


Step out of your comfort zone.



Create the ultimate balance between your body - mind & soul. Learn more about your physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Tap into the power of your subconscious mind and create healthy routines that you will carry with you and implement in your life.


Feed your soul and get rid of unnecessary stress.



Be present. Learn how to enjoy the moment. Feed your soul with sacred and unforgettable experiences. Cleanse and connect with the nature.  Your days with the tribe of energetic soul travelers feel like a unique gift full of beautiful experiences. You are on this planet earth to enjoy every moment. 

You deserve to be happy.

Our Mission

We believe in the abundance of the universe & the unlimited power of every soul on this planet. Every conscious action taker will heal, let go of limitations & manifest their dream life. Soul Search creates a new generation of conscious leaders who are connected to their inner power and inspire the transformation of millions starting with themselves.


Retreat in Kilimanjaro

June 26th - July 3rd, 2024 Tanzania

Ready for the escape in nature?

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