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in Costa Rica


Healing Body & Mind Retreat 

📍Playa Hermosa & Santa Teresa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

🗓 15 - 20 February 2024

After 2023's Soul Search Retreat in Costa Rica,

Last year was a blast, and completed with full success!
That's why we couldn't resist going back to the unique Jungle experience, eating pure organic food, and connecting with the magical nature of Costa Rica.
You cannot miss this year's Soul Search in Costa Rica!

Curious how the experience
in Costa Rica looks like? 



Στιγμιότυπο 2023-04-04, 16.55.15.png



Join us for an unforgettable week full of adventures, soul experiences and amazing food. 

A transformational experience of a lifetime. We have carefully designed this experience to take you away from your stressful daily life  and into a journey to connect your body & mind, create healthy routines and live the life you deserve.

Your days in Costa Rica will be packed with love for your body, mind and soul. 

We planned all the unique activities to offer you the best of the best retreat experience you could ever have while exploring one of the most beautiful and pure countries in the world.

“Pura Vida” is the mantra in Costa Rica and the local shamanic rituals will take you on a soul journey that will heal you and connect you to your inner power.

In the mornings, you will wake up with the sun and get to practice mindfulness while creating your powerful morning ritual. Light body movement, yoga flow, breathing exercises will boost your immune system & energy and will connect you to your body in ways you haven't experienced before.

After that, a healthy buffet breakfast already awaits you to nourish your body. Local, freshly sourced ingredients, tropical fruits will be a source of vitamins and minerals for your body.

Transform your mind & dive deeper into your soul with our daily life coaching workshops. We guarantee you can not find a transformational experience like this one. Get rid of blockages in your personal & professional life. Our team of certified coaches have created interactive workshops for you which will help you get to know the real you better and unleash your inner super human.

Do you want to relax by the pool? You got it! Or we can book a massage for you. Maybe you are a fan of adventures? Why not book a surf class in one of the most iconic surf locations worldwide?


Your new lifestyle starts with Soul Search.



Let the food be the medicine.


We have thoughtfully designed the menu to be flexible upon dietary requirements.


Our chefs guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience with organic & local ingredients. 

This region provides us access to abundant farm-fresh, local products, allowing our on-site private chef to prepare delicious, globally inspired menus to create an extraordinary dining experience. You will be amazed by our culinary workshops, meals by our chefs, and our homemade food.

We create a private culinary experience which blends local Costa Rican style with our high-end villa amenities to create an exciting and unforgettable trip to flavor of a lifetime!

Στιγμιότυπο 2023-03-13, 15.36.22.png

The Activities

Στιγμιότυπο 2023-03-13, 18.00.58.png


Sofia has many years of experience coaching international leaders & individuals with incredible results. With her Master's in Coaching Psychology and her scientific research in Goal Setting, she is the most qualified person to help you find your direction in life and boost your inner power. Our Life coaching workshops are designed to help you achieve your goals faster and increase your overall satisfaction & happiness with life.



Meditation is a practice that helps calm the mind, reduce stress, and increase awareness and focus. you will be led in guided meditations to help them cultivate inner peace and relaxation. On top of that, we will teach you our secrets so you can carry this practice with you after the retreat.

Στιγμιότυπο 2023-03-13, 18.02.59.png


Are you ready to breathe, calm your nervous system, and release fear, anger, and insecurities? Reprogram old patterns and limiting beliefs. Connect with your power and purpose. An active meditation takes you out of your head and your body, where you have stored many emotions and stuck energy.



Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that involves various postures, movements, and breathing techniques to improve flexibility, strength, and overall well-being. you will be led in yoga sessions designed to suit your abilities and needs. Our goal is to connect with your body! Don’t worry if you are not a pro! We will make this fun.

Στιγμιότυπο 2023-03-13, 18.05.05.png


Stretching is an essential part of maintaining both physical and mental wellness. It's a practice that connects the body and mind, promoting flexibility and reducing stress. You release tension and increase blood flow when you stretch, resulting in calm and rejuvenation. So get ready to awaken your senses and let go of any tensions as you stretch and move with us! This is a not-to-miss experience that will leave you feeling empowered and rejuvenated.

Στιγμιότυπο 2023-03-13, 18.02.59.png


Embark on the journey to balance and realign your energy centers, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Learn how to release any stagnant energy and tap into your body's natural healing abilities. Come with an open mind and let the magic of energy healing work its wonders on you. You deserve to feel your best, and this is your chance to experience it!

Στιγμιότυπο 2023-06-09, 15.32.55.png


Step into the enchanting embrace of the moon's glow as we gather together for a transformative Moon Ceremony. This ancient practice connects us to the celestial energies, allowing us to release what no longer serves us and set powerful intentions for the future.

Στιγμιότυπο 2023-03-13, 18.02.59.png


Embark on a breathtaking journey into Costa Rica's lush and vibrant heart! Our exciting excursion will lead you through awe-inspiring landscapes, from verdant rainforests to cascading waterfalls. Get ready to immerse yourself in the wonders of this diverse ecosystem, where every step reveals a new world of beauty and adventure.

Gala Night


Let's raise a glass to life and celebrate all of our achievements and blessings! Join us for a fancy night of celebration, where we'll dress up and dance. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with your fellow Soul Searchers, let loose, and show gratitude for all of the amazing experiences we've shared during our retreat. So put on your finest attire and get ready for an unforgettable evening of fun, laughter, and gratitude!

* Schedule is subject to changes. More specific schedule with timings & specific activities will be announced to the participants closer to the date. 

Add on experiences

Surfing in Australia


Dive into the exhilarating world of surfing amidst Costa Rica's stunning coastlines.

Feel the rush as you ride the waves, immersing yourself in the perfect blend of adventure and natural beauty.

Ask us for a quote

Hot Stone Massage


Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with rejuvenating massages in the serene embrace of Costa Rica. Let skilled hands release tension and melt your cares away, leaving you refreshed and recharged amidst the tranquil paradise.

Ask us for a quote



  • 5 nights accommodation

  • Transfer from & to the San Jose International Airport

  • Transportation to all official activities

  • Welcome Goodie Bag

  • Half Day Trip to explore Costa Rica

  • Water - Fruits - Tea & Coffee

  • Breakfast or Brunch/Lunch

  • Dinner (3 course) 

  • Life Coaching Workshops

  • Yoga & Fitness Sessions

  • Mindfulness & Meditation Activities


  • Airplane tickets  

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Surf Classes & Massage (Scheduled upon request & availability)

  • Early Check In or Late Check Out

Retreat Summary

Information about Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica is a country of Central America.

  • Capital is San Jose.

  • Spanish is their official language.

  • Their currency is Costa Rican Colón.

  • The international airport to book your flights is San Jose International.

  • Visit the official website to be updated for all COVID-19 restrictions regarding your entry in Costa RIca.

  • Not sure if you need a visa for Costa Rica? Check here

Information about the retreat

  • Bring your swimwear

  • Bring your trainers and hiking shoes

  • Bring your fitness/yoga wear 

  • Bring your positive and amazing energy!

Take a taste from our last Soul Search experience
in Costa Rica 

Soul Search Retreat in Costa Rica 

February 2024


*$500 deposit - deductible from the total amount
*up to 3 installments
*pay in full amount today to get discount

- Contact us for private/couple options, limited spots are available
- Contact us for an extra night at the villa

Embarking on a journey of in-person experiences holds an incredible power – an energy exchange that's truly magnetic!


Proximity creates an undeniable force, and that's where the magic happens.

Remember, investing in yourself is the ultimate investment for a better quality of life.


With each investment, I set an intention for a 10x return, and if you're dedicated, the same potential is waiting for you too!

If you're ready to elevate, then we'd be thrilled to have you join us in Costa Rica!

Our upcoming retreat promises to be nothing short of enchanting, and I'm eagerly looking forward to being a part of more transformative journeys!


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Στιγμιότυπο 2023-08-08, 22.41.45.png
Στιγμιότυπο 2023-08-08, 22.40.43.png
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