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in Greece

Journey with the Gods and Goddesses:

A Greek-inspired Retreat

for Mind, Body, and Soul

📍Crete, Greece

🗓 31 August - 4 September



Awaken your inner leader & transform your life.

Imagine yourself immersed in the stunning beauty of Greece, basking in the radiance of August's Super Moon, and experiencing a powerful full moon ceremony that will ignite your spirit and set the stage for profound personal growth. ✨

Our 5-star accommodations provide a luxurious and nurturing environment for your journey, with delicious, locally-sourced meals prepared by private chefs to nourish your body and soul. 🍴

Our program offers immersive experiences to help you connect with your inner wisdom and embrace your unique leadership potential. We'll explore the wisdom of nature with daily mindfulness practices and workshops on nutrition, herbs, and the Mediterranean diet. 🌿


Delve into Greece's rich culture & history


Visit local temples and a day trip that will take us on a journey through time. We'll uncover the archetypes of the Gods and Goddesses of Greek theology, exploring their leadership qualities and discovering how they can inspire our transformational journeys. 💫
Whether seeking to deepen your spiritual practice, overcome obstacles, or tap into your true potential, this retreat is a transformative opportunity to step into your power and create a life that resonates with your deepest desires. ✨

Join us for four nights of magic and transformation, with the option to add an extra day before or after to extend your stay. We'll provide transfer to and from the airport, so all you need to do is arrive with an open heart and a willingness to embrace the journey ahead. 🚐

Are you ready to embrace your inner leader and embark on a transformation journey?


We can't wait to welcome you to our Soul Search retreat in Greece. 💙


The Schedule

Hello Greece!

Noon | Arrivals at the Airport & Transfer to your accommodation


4:00 PM | Check In


Afternoon | Settle in & Relax (Enjoy the accommodation amenities)


7:00 PM | Get to know your tribe

Evening | Welcome Dinner

Day 1

Explore the Rich Culture

8:00 AM | Morning Routine

9:00 AM | Breakfast

10:00 AM | Visit a Local Temple

Afternoon | Explore the local culture


8:00 PM | Dinner

Day 2

Nurture Your Body

8:00 AM | Morning Wellness

9:00 AM | Breakfast

10:00 AM | Mediterranean Diet Workshop - dive into herbs and nutrition 


Noon | Lunch


Afternoon | Healthy Cooking Masterclass

8:00 PM | Dinner

Day 3

Full Moon 

8:00 AM | Morning Meditation

9:00 AM | Breakfast

10:00 AM| Explore the Local Culture & Participate in Traditional Activities

Afternoon | Free Time

8:00 PM | Dinner

Evening | Experience the Super Moon in August with a Full Moon ceremony led by a local expert.

Day 4 

Be a Goddess/God

8:00 AM | Meditation & Breathwork

9:00 AM | Breakfast


10:00 AM | Workshop in Leadership Archetypes based on Greek Theology

12:00 PM | Workshop on how to become the God/Goddess You Imagine

4:00 PM | Check Out

Day 5

* Schedule is subject to changes. More specific schedules with timings & specific activities will be announced to the participants closer to the date. 

* All times are in Greece Timezone 



Enjoy the local & luxurious stay in Crete

Our luxurious villas are in Chania, near the beach. They include all the amenities to have a full local experience, while also enjoying a premium venue.


You will have everything you have ever wanted and more. It is perfectly located near the beach and nature. It is in a traditional Cretan village near Chania. 


Ready to find the magic of Greek culture? Ready to experience the mediterannean vibes ? 

Retreat Summary



  • 4 nights' accommodation in premium location

  • Transfer from & to the Airport 

  • Transportation to all official activities

  • Activities to explore the local culture

  • Water - Fruits - Tea & Coffee

  • Mindfulness & Meditation Activities

  • Life Coaching Workshops

  • Delicious traditional meals by a private chef at home (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  • 1 half-day trip


  • Airplane tickets  

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Extra Activities (Scheduled upon request & availability)

  • Early Check-In / Late Check-out (Arriving earlier/Departing later and want to check in earlier or check out later? - Drop us a message) 

Information about Greece

  • Greece is a South European country, known for its culture & history.

  • The capital is Athens City.

  • Greek is the official language.

  • Their currency is Euro (EUR).

  • Not sure if you need a visa for Greece? Check here.

Information about the retreat

  • Bring your swimwear.

  • Bring your trainers.

  • Bring your fitness/yoga wear. 

  • To book your spot, you pay $500 as a booking fee, which is not refundable, and it is deducted from the full amount. 

  • Bring your positive and amazing energy!

Do you want the full experience?

  • Stay one day longer and enjoy the premium facilities, the beauty of the village, and the local experience (food is excluded). Contact us for this upgrade. 

  • Do you want to book extra activities? Message us to get the offer. 

Greece 2023 Packages

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