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What are Soul Search Retreats?

This is Soul Search Retreats. A worldwide tribe of like-minded Soul travelers.

We create bespoke body & mind retreat experiences designed to transform your inner world, while you meet premium locations around the world.

A unique experience for curious souls who want to discover their purpose through transformational leadership coaching, blended with balancing body & mind.

Soul Search Retreats offer a premium transformational experience. During our private retreats you have access to life and business coaching practices infused with spiritual activities.

During Soul Search Retreats you will experience daily mindfulness, guided meditation and yoga. You will be guided by experts in the field. After the retreat you will have build the foundation of a healthy routine.

Soul Search Retreats are designed for you who is looking to discover your life purpose and achieve all your goals. Our retreats will help you be more balanced and experience serenity.

A key ingredient of Soul Search Retreats is fun. You get to visit brand new countries, experience new cultures, see places you haven't seen before. All you need to do is grab the opportunity.

Soul Search Retreats are private. We keep the number of participants small to guarantee an intimate learning & transformational experience. We support all Soul Searchers to unlock their potential and live a life without limitations.

Join a Soul Search Retreat to design your path to greatness. This is a calling from deep within.

During Soul Search Retreats you will:

  • Practice yoga, breath-work & mindfulness

  • Participate in cool activities like surfing, slack-lining, sailing

  • Connect with the nature through hiking & grounding

  • Grow through Life Coaching & Business Coaching workshops

  • Discover ancient spiritual practices and ceremonies

  • Blend in with local cultures

  • See you places & unique monuments around the world


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