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Who can join Soul Search Retreats?

Soul Search is a premium inclusive experience for conscious action takers!

Neither your age, your physical characteristics, your ethnicity, your religion or spiritual path, your gender, your sexual orientation nor your cultural or socioeconomic background matter to us!

Join us with your authentic personality and unique experiences. We are excited to meet the real you and learn your story!

Types of our clients range from those with no to those with extensive experience with inner spiritual selfhood. They come from all spiritual & career paths including psychologists, coaches, artists, homemakers, corporate folks, business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms & dads, digital nomads.

We welcome those who need a mental reboot or may feel lost & stuck to an unfulfilling routine. We also welcome the awakened, the ones who have identified their path and want to work on deepening the relationship to themselves and connect further to their purpose.

Soul Search Retreats are ideal for everyone who wants to reconnect with their inner self and to build a long lasting network of like minded people!

It doesn't matter if your yoga or mindfulness level is professional or beginner. The core experience of soul search is to help you design the lifestyle that suits you. In Soul Search Retreats we are welcoming conscious action takers and we are here to accommodate your growth needs and desires.

Oh on top of that, we welcome everyone who wants to see the world through the eyes of local traditions & culture. We travel to iconic places and we become part of iconic adventures. Are you in for the thrill?

Do not hesitate, join our next retreat now!

If you are still unsure, here are some questions that will help you identify if Soul Search Retreats suit you well.

  • Do you feel that you need a break from your routine?

  • Do you want to restart but you don't find the right timing?

  • Are you keen on meeting like minded people?

  • Do you feel that you want to enjoy your time away from the boring routine?

  • Do you desire serenity and balance?

  • Are you on a journey of self-awareness and self-love?

  • Are you looking for your purpose?

  • Do you want to connect with your inner power?

  • Do you feel the urge to connect with the nature?

  • Looking for tranquility and peace?

  • Do you love traveling and meeting new people and cultures?

If YES appears more than NO, if you've identified yourself in these questions, you know well that you have found the right place, the right time and the right opportunity to grab. Are you in? 😉


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